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The Chenzhou Winter Storm of 2008

In late January 2008, the Hunan province experienced the worst winter storm they have had in over 50 years. The epicenter of this rare storm was focused on our beloved city, Chenzhou.  Heavy layers of ice pulled down not only power lines, but entire electrical towers, leaving the city without electricity.  The city's lack of electrical power shut down the city's supply of drinkable water and closed down all transportation services.

On February 5, 2008, a staff of five people from Operation Blessing China arrived at the Chenzhou Social Welfare Institute, bringing much-needed relief, in the form of food, medicine and medical care. They distributed baby food, milk powder, medicine supplies and ran basic health checkups on each child. The older children were also given chocolate and cereal bars to help boost their energy levels. In all, 426 bags formula milk powder, 14,000 diapers, two suitcases of medicine and 50 bed warmers were delivered. (Operation Blessing China's Storm Relief Blog)

Also on February 5, 2008, four staff members from Half The Sky Foundation, including Richard Bowen, husband of HTS Executive Director Jenny Bowen, arrived at the orphanage to provide additional, much-needed support. Half The Sky delivered food, blankets and diapers, and ensured that enough coal was delivered to provide the orphanage with heat for at least two weeks. HTS has also provided the orphanage funds to purchase 60 snow suits as soon as the power is up and the stores are open.

Chenzhou Power lines
photo by Operation Blessing China
Operation Blessing China distributing food and medicine to the Chenzhou orphanage
Operation Blessing China distributing food and medicine to the Chenzhou orphanage

Operation Blessing China and some
of the Chenzhou staff pose for a photo
Operation Blessing China provided bed warmers to the elderly residents of the Chenzhou SWI.
In addition to assisting the orphanage children OBC provided the elderly with bed warmers.

Xie xie ni!  Thank you!   Merci!  Dank u!   ¡Gracias!   Danke!   Grazie!  

On behalf of all of our Chenzhou Families, a special thank you to Half The Sky Foundation and Operation Blessing China for your humanitarian support in this great time of need! 

Thank you Jenny Bowen, Executive Director of Half The Sky Foundation, for keeping us updated on winter storm events at the Chenzhou orphanage and the relief trip by HTS team.

Thank you to Kara Waddell, General Manager of Operation Blessing China, for information regarding the relief trip by the OBC team and for allowing us to use the above photos on our Web site. 

Xie xie ni!

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